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In 1936, Proskurov traveled to Spain through France along with Gavriil Prokofev, and entered service with the Republican air force under the assumed name of "Soldatchik". Soviet aircraft had not yet arrived, so he initially began flying a Potez-540 series bomber.

In October, 1936 the 1st International Bomber Squadron "España" was formed at the airfield in Albacete, commanded by Captain Martin-Luna (a Spaniard) and including Berner (a Belgian), Mendiola and Sospedro (Spaniards), Burget (a Frenchman), Primo Gibeli (Italian), Volkan Goranov (Bulgarian), Grigorii Tkhor (another Soviet), and Proskurov. The last four of these would go on to be awarded Heroes of the Soviet Union. The unit consisted of three sections of three planes each, two equipped with Potez 540s, and one with Breguet 19s. The Potez bombers carried a load of four 100kg bombs, and in extreme cases the pilots would carry up to 50 small fragmentation or incendiary grenades with them in the fuselage, and toss them over the side[1].

Proskurov was promoted to the rank of Lt. Gen. on June 4, 1940[2].



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